Avalon "Swayin" Blufield Pronouns: they/them

Avalon Blufield (they/them) originates from Memphis, Tennessee where about half a lifetime ago (13 years) moved to Bellingham, WA. Although they discovered they had a kinky/sadistic side to them in freshman year of high school, they were not actually able to delve into it until 2019 at the local dungeon, the BSPC (location now closed). Avalon delved into doing what they do best in the community by offering help of any kind to hose that were in need in the community, in and out of play, as the Pink Puppy Paladin of the BSPC. Half a year later, Avalon became a “stand-by” member of the Cascade Raingers. After the BSPC local location closed, Avalon continued to keep the Pink Puppy Paladin alive within them, as difficult as it was.

Avalon is a switch, open poly relationship partner, a puppy and enjoys being both sadistic and mosaicist. Avalon enjoys impact, whips, temperature play, cigar play/service, puppy play, hypnosis play, rope play, roleplay and services. Although most of their time is spent in headspaces to get away from reality, Avalon has been focusing on bettering themselves, both as a puppy and person, but most importantly, a friend. A nerdy mother friend, in a sense, Avalon takes great pleasure in taking care of others before taking care of themselves. Although, they have been working on self-care more recently to make up for that fact. Avalon is ALWAYS ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need and expects nothing in return. Avalon is creative and spontaneous, sometimes to the point of a learning experience, good or bad, when in the company of other people, both kinksters and friends, all while respecting boundaries to the best of their ability. Avalon learns from the past and looks to the future with hands held (or tied, depending on the scenario). In Avalon’s free time, when not working on college work, they enjoy video games, mortal and pestle work, casually playing with squeaky toys, and spends quality time with those they hold dear.

Bri Burning Pronouns: She/Her and They/Them

Bri Burning (she/her and they/them) is your International Person of Leather 2020 and Northwest Person of Leather 2019! In 2019, She was awarded the Pantheon of Leather Northern California award. They are femme, queer, leather, slave, and baby girl identified person. She has been active in the San Francisco/Bay Area BDSM and Leather community since 2010, where her journey started at SF Citadel as a service submissive to the club. Her passion for her community grew with hosting events and bringing people together. In 2015, she started teaching on BDSM, relationships, and communication, discovering just how passionate she is about education. They have taught at NWLC, Sin in the City, Dark Odyssey Surrender, Revelry, IMsLBB, and many other conferences as a nationally recognized presenter. She is the moderator of SF Submissive Safe Space and a leader of Submissive Girls Night Out.

DEVYN STONE Pronouns: he/him

Leatherman. Educator. Author. Advocate. Devyn Stone A.K.A. SirHorror (He/Him) is a transgender, dominant leatherman who has been actively practicing nonmonogamy and authority transfer since 2004. He has overcome tremendous odds including abuse, trauma and mental illness to fulfill his lifelong dream... to be loved for who he truly is. He is a mental health and LGBTQ+ advocate. In 2019 Devyn made the life changing decision to build his career as a BDSM author and educator. He has a passion for giving and receiving education and he can often be found speaking on topics such as; protocol, authority transfer, organization, gender and negotiation. Devyn is an extrovert that loves to tell stories and make friends. He believes in diversity not division and he actualizes that idea by promoting strongly inclusive spaces and interactions. Devyn has published several books and is excited to release more resources to his community soon. He lives in Dallas, TX with two devoted slaves. His property 840 that is unquestionably devoted to his will and serves as his useful object. His submissive, magic, serves as a domestic service human as well as Devyn's secretary and travel buddy. Devyn is the Founder and current owner of the DFW munch Pragmatically Kinking where members discuss the practical aspects of BDSM.

DOUXPAPA Pronouns: He-Him-His

Hawk came to Leather having been raised in a Family of motorcycle Leather Culture.

He comes from a multi- cultural /multi-racially diverse Family, and has been an active part of the LGBTQ+ community since the late 70's. He is Out and Proud as Queer.

Hawk is a Leather Man/ Transgender/ Trans-masculine, his gender journey is a celebration. American Sign Language is his second language. Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic though it is a challenge, Hawk continues learning how to stay involved and connected with the Sex Positive and Leather Culture /Community. This is so very important to nourish, body, mind, spirit and soul.

Hawk has done, and continues to do, presentations about Transgender issues in the Healthcare field at University of Washington and Northwest Hospital, and continues to be an ongoing volunteer advocate for the Transgender community, specializing in support around health care.

He has also presented at:

  • Panels at the Gathering 2017 “Love Your Gender…”

  • Gender Odyssey 2018 ” Transgender and disability Intersections”

  • DogHouse Leather 2019 “ Transgender : Dating ,Sex, an Play “

  • WestCoast Bound 2019 “Love your Gender…”

"It is an honor to be asked to be part of this panel!" - DouxPapa

Hardy Haberman Pronouns: He/Him/His

Long time LGBT activist and member of the leather community since the mid 1970’s, Hardy is still an enthusiastic participant in the leather scene. He is author of several books on kink related subjects including The Family Jewels: A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment published by Greenery Press, and Soul of a Second Skin: The Journey of a Gay Christian Leatherman and Shouts in the Wilderness, Daily Meditations for Leatherfolk. His awards include the “Leather Leadership Award” from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, “Man of the Year” and “Lifetime Achievement” Awards from NLA-I, the “Leatherman’s Heart Award” from Southwest Leatherfest and most recently the “Jack Stice Memorial Award” at South Planes Leatherfest. Most recently he was awarded the Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award at Pantheon on Leather.

Hardy is a columnist for the Dallas Voice and is currently the Co-Chairperson on the Board of Directors of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in Washington, DC.

IAMAR KINHAWK Pronouns: she/her

iamar (pronounced ee-a-mar) was introduced to the Leather community in 1996 through AOL. She joined the TIDEwater Community as a member in 1998 when it first formed as BelleIsis. She moved to Nashville, TN in 1999 and through the years renamed herself iamar after her Leather brother told her that she was like the moon which was ever changing. She started The Submission, a virtual discussion support group for s types as well as the Nashville People of Color munch. She is also one of the hostesses for 1st Thursday munch in Nashville. As a 14 year volunteer for Frolicon, she expanded her role as a game room hostess to being a ceremony coordinator as well as a Primal presenter/organizer. She is a moderator for Primal Play-The Animal Within on Fetlife since 2011 when it first started. She is currently a member of The Red Chair in Birmingham, AL and Voodoo Leatherworks in Colorado Springs, CO. She is the President of Onyx Pearls Southern Leather, had proudly serving as Vice President for Southern Leather, Sargent of Arms for two years for the Onyx Pearls Southeast and a council member of Onyx Pearl National Council. She held the title of Southeast Leatherfest Person of Leather 2018 and International Person of Leather 2019. iamar is also a part of the 2018 film documentary, "Kinkphobia"

Isabella Cross Pronouns: She/Her

Isabella Cross / slave maya (she/her) is a queer ethical non-monogamous Leather femme switch. Her journey into BDSM began circa 2015. From her first time at the CSPC during Sexploration she has developed a relentless passion for learning, growing, and serving her Leather and beyond community. Her desire to share this unique life has led her to serve groups in the Everett area such as; Everett Poly, MAsT: Everett, Everett Leather Alliance, The Gathering and is a proud member of HardPink Sisterhood. She is proud to be in service to Master Gene as His property, slave, girl, masochist and pony. She is honored to be in a Leather family with Xavier and slave darby. Her biggest joy is connecting with all in the community, new and seasoned alike, and is always ready to greet you with a big smile and a warm hug! She also has some pretty mean Salsa moves, but that's for another class!


Kiki has been involved in BDSM for over 15 years and out publicly for almost 8 years. Once an active
member and volunteer of the Center for Sex Positive Culture they are founder and Mxtress of a FemDom
lifestyle group called Diadem-Events, founder of Polyam Day Camp, and are an active volunteer with
KinkFest in Portland as co-director of Merchandising.
They have taught at Flog'Em All in Idaho, the Bellingham Sex Positive Center, and the BDSM Writers
Con in Seattle. They are a sex- positive & body- positive burlesque performer/producer in Seattle and
produce a kink themed burlesque show yearly, called No Closet Follies.
The Fem Daddy your mother didn't know to warn you about, Mx. KikiTHEpuck's pronouns are
they/them/yas queen. This PTA nerdy mom enjoys wandering Bed, Bath & Beyond for new toys for both
in and out of the kitchen.

Lady Steele Pronouns: She/her/hers

Lady Steele held the position of Social Coordinator for NLA – Atlanta during its last incarnation in Atlanta. She is the co-founder and co-lead of the Center of Learning and School of Success (C.L.A.S.S.), the Worthless Bastards (Cigar) Club (W.B.C. – Atlanta), and The Leather Coterie’s (T.L.C.) Atlanta Chapter. She continues to give back to the community as Board Support, convention attorney, and Vendor Coordinator for the Leather Leadership Conference. She also serves at Treasurer of Anafiel House and is a proud member of Onyx Pearls Southern Leather. Another of Lady Steele’s passions lies in presenting about the law. Her presentations cover many family, civil, criminal, contracts, and business law topics. Specifically, Lady Steele’s favorite legal topics to cover are how to protect BDSM families, non-monogamous families, and multipartnered households through legal documentation. Furthermore, Lady Steele’s Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology uniquely qualifies her to speak on the topic of safety where the breaking of skin is involved, so another passion of hers include presenting on the topics of bloodplay, needle play, and cuttings. When she is not presenting in person, Lady Steele shares her knowledge through her BlogTalk radio program, “The Legal Show,” which she co-hosts with renowned Sci-Fi author Bennet Pomerantz. She has appeared multiple times on the KinkyCast, where she has spoken to the hosts about various topics, including Consent Apps; No Collar, No Problem; BDSM and the Law; Cigar Service and Play; and Poly and the Law, among others. She has also appeared on the Poly Podcast, where she again spoke about Poly and the Law. Her BDSM and the Law podcast on KinkyCast has garnered more than 20,000 listens and downloads. Most recently she spoke with Kuldrin on Kuldrin's Krypt about BDSM and the Law.

Master Kaddan Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them

I have more than 30 years experience of living the lifestyle. I spent three years of my life "training from the bottom up" to become the third generation of my Leather Family's line to come from that style of training. I currently have a Household with a mix of babygirls, slaves and property. I hold a Professional Human Services Degree (with emphasis on Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy). The forensic populations I worked with included violent offenders, those with mental health issues and those with HIV/AIDS, both on Federal and State levels. Now that I am retired from that aspect of my life, I can focus on the M/s community and volunteering. I am currently the Northeast Leatherwoman 2020, a full associate of ONYX NY/Northeast, president of the ONYX Pearls NY/Northeast, sergeant at arms of the ONYX Pearls National Council, treasurer and member of The Hard Pink Sisterhood, a member of MAsT Metro NY, a member of Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC), and former Pantheon of Leather Northeast nominee.  In the past I have presented at TES Fest 2016, NYC LGBT Community Center, Leather Leadership conference, Colorado Leather Fest, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, and the MsDs Conference. In the coming year I will be presenting for various local and national groups via Zoom. The topics I present on include Effective Communication 101 and 102, Consent, Poly Families, Mental Health and M/s, and LongDistance M/s. I use a platform called Second Life (SL) to facilitate lifestyle related discussions at my education-focused Master and slave venue, The Art of Submission (AOS). In 2011 I saw the need to think outside the box, and using the social platform of Second Life, I decided to broaden the definition of the BDSM community. After doing research I began to feel that there was something missing within the BDSM SL community and that the Master and slave dynamic was misrepresented and misinterpreted. From this the idea of The Art of Submission was born and developed. The AOS venue can be found in Second Life and what makes it unique is that all the facilitators are active to some extent in their Real-Life Community. I can understand that some look down on any platform other than Real Life, but it does not mean other platforms cannot be used for introductory information. Second Life is one of the ways that many use to explore D/s and M/s, therefore whether we like it or not it is a reality and I was taught that service can have many faces. The question is: are you open minded?

Master Robert Pronouns: He/Him

Master, Daddy, Sir

In 1975 I started along the curious path of kink and power that brought me to realizing the Leatherman, Master and Ethical Sadist I am today. I have been fortunate to learn from others, be forgiven my mistakes, and humbled to be recognized as a peer and Master in my community.
I believe that authority transfer relationships are best when they combine power with balance, flexibility, understanding, love and lots of laughter. One should never take themselves too seriously.
I am active in the local community. I have served the CSPC and MAsT Everett. Currently, I serve as the Assistant Director of Leather Reign and host the long-running Friday Night Greenwood Munch.

MsDDom Pronouns: She/Her

Entering the Atlanta lifestyle community in 2008, MsDDom is an active Leather Woman who leads Black FemDoms-Atlanta (BFD), co-leads Black Atlanta Munch (B.A.M.), is Road Captain of Women in Leather Atlanta (WiLA), and serves as southeast coordinator for Women of Drummer. She has co-mentored for the Atlanta Mentors Coalition and has judged contests such as Mr/Ms Atlanta Eagle, International Geared Up Pup, and Northeast Master and slave. MsDDom is the recipient of the 2016 SouthEast LeatherFest Community Award and 2019 Southeast Pantheon of Leather Award. MsDDom serves the kink, Leather, and M/s communities through peer-mentoring, presenting classes, and advocating support for women, POC (people of color), and LGBTQ spaces. An alumna of MTTA Master Weekend #25, she has presented at various events including Atlanta BDSM Workshops, Beyond Leather, Power eXchange Summit, Master/slave Conference, and ONYX Blackout 22. MsDDom and her slave, CreamDream, both serve as librarians for the Carter/Johnson Leather Library and Collection Atlanta Annex and are members of MAsT Atlanta Central. They enjoy sharing their time with others when traveling across the U.S. and in Canada.

MISS SADIRA Pronouns: She/Her

Miss Sadira Night is a kink educator, event planner, and business consultant based in Seattle, WA. She uses her Master’s in education and her Bachelor’s in Theater to broaden knowledge of D/s and ageplay in the community through classes and events. She is head of the Dom(me)icile household and Operations Manager of the CSPC. She and her 24/7 submissive, burplepunny, host Littles’ Parties, play parties, and Femdom Tea events in addition to teaching classes and one-on-one individualized kink education.

OBSIDYEN SUNSHYNE Pronouns: she/her/gurl

Gurl loves the shadows. Having slipped and slid across the country growing, learning, watching and playing she has spent much of her time kneeling in the moments of her choosing. As she's grown, stumbled, started over and giggled along the way she has learned many things. Seriously? I have no clue what to put here. I am Gurl... Obsidyen... sometimes Sunshyne... the slave/property primal masochistic babygirl sensual Top with a penchant for giggling, and a love of deep plum purple. My purple sparkly boots are the everything. I can often be found in the corner of the dungeon reading a book while waiting for a moment with the single tail. Yes! Please! or slipping through the shadows tickling littles that have given consent. If you've been hugged by me in all my squishy goodness you know exactly what giggly wuggles feel like. I say words like lemony and squoze, yes, they are words! while I make my way through the room helping, hugging and giggling as I can before I slide into a shadow and disappear like an eclipse.

ONYX Pronouns: she/her

Onyx is an experienced domme, 3rd generation poly person, and adult educator. As a facilitator and trainer, she brings professional development to the personal in small group sessions as well as one-onone mentoring with high risk youth. Onyx is committed to providing participant-centered, inclusive, and shame- free development opportunities. When she is not working you can probably find her in the park with her dogs, hosting events, or packing cute bento lunches for herself or her partners.

PHAREAUX ONYX Pronouns: He/Him/His

Phareaux Onyx is a Daddy Dom/Sadist, who most often engages as a play top. A single tail enthusiast, who enjoys electro-play and heavy impact. Phareaux has recently begun to learn the art of fire play.

Having pledged with the 2019 Street Breed line, Phareaux is a proud member of the Men of ONYX - NW chapter. In addition he finds home and family as a member of the Seattle House of Shenanigans.

Through his leather journey Phareaux is committed to expanding POC visibility and accessibility for all in the leather community. Always grateful for an opportunity to serve, Phareaux was club liaison for the 2019 Leather Reign planning committee and a Judge for the 2019 Oregon State Leather contest.

Workshop/Presentation: Dominant(s) Panel Discussion

pupKENZO Pronouns: He/Him/His

Pup Kenzo is an activist and advocates in the LGBTQIA(+), kink, and BDSM community. Growing, maturing, and sharing his knowledge and experience through friendship, fellowship, and active participation in all aspects of community life since 2013. His passion and dedication to racial, sexual, and gender awareness and equality for all are widely recognized and earned him the title Northeast Puppy 2020 and 2021. Which he is the first-ever person of color to receive this title. His fierce spirit and boundless imagination are ignited by two mantras which guide and fuel him: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and “always live in your true authentic self. He is part of many organizations including Onyx New York Northeast, The Kink Collective Leather, Gotham Kennel Club, PAH-OC, NYCPAH, and New York Age Players Organization. Pup Kenzo continuously uses his message of truth and authenticity by teaching classes and educating others of Kink and BDSM community. By providing kink community education, awareness of sexual health and safety, and give back to our communities.

Sassie Sofia Pronouns: she/her

sassie is a submissive, little, Leathergirl, and sassy (i mean, if the shoes fits…). She is owned and collared by her Daddy, Master Talos, and a member of House of Talos. Sassie is Founder and President of Little Scouts of Central Florida Troop #224, Secretary and Social Media Liaison of MAsT Kissimmee, and Creative Director of Beyond Age Play. She is a proud sister of HardPink Sisterhood and is honored to be a ONYX Pearl Deep South Associate #DeepSouthBaby. She thrives in creating a solid network within the ageplay and critter community and promoting volunteering and giving back; showing the whole community what being a little/ kitten and a Leathergirl is truly about. She enjoys furthering her education, fundraising, volunteering, utilizing her organizational and managerial skills, and lending a hand whenever needed.

SLAVE ANN Pronouns: she/her

slave ann is a bisexual slave to Master John, and wife to her love. she has been married to her beloved Master since 2000 and together they married the love of their lives, kim, in 2010. slave ann found the vocabulary to describe her naturally submissive nature online in the early 90’s. she tried swinging with her former husband and one of the partners introduced her to real life D/s, the joy of pain, and that women are sexy. she decided to relocate to the Pacific Northwest from Wyoming so she could fully explore her sexuality. ann is active in the community by being the programming chair and treasurer of Evergreen Leather Events which produces Leather Reign, is one of the producers of the Washington State Master/slave contest and is a proud sister of the HardPink Sisterhood.

slave boiD Pronouns: He, his, him

slave boiDi began an interest in power exchange when in the U.S. Navy dating a wonderful person who opened up the world
of sexual outlaws and exploring BDSM.
Hy identifies as a slave/leatherboi and has the heart and soul for service.
Hy is Northwest slave 2017.
slave boiDi has an incredible life as part of a leather family. Little did hy know that 6 years ago, when Ms. Kelly purchased
him for a lap dance at Midori’s Bang for the Buck in Seattle that their two divergent worlds would come together in such an
amazing Master/slave relationship today.
slave boiDi has been playing in the Seattle leather community since 1992. Hy was one of the last members of the lesbian
BDSM group, Outer Limits before it disbanded. slave boiDi has been actively involved with the Center for Sex Positve

Culture; active advocate for the Women’s Parties, Co-founder of the weekly party: Blood, Sweat and Queers. Hy is the Co-
Founder and past President of Seattle boys of Leather. Hy is also Washington State Ms. Leather 2010. slave boiDi has

presented workshops for Kinkfest, Paradise Unbound, Vancouver Edge, Northwest Leather Celebration, Southwest Leather
Conference, the Center for Sex Positive Culture, and Lupercalia.

slave_lyon Pronouns: she/her/hers

slave lyon lives in Indianapolis, In with her Master, Scott. They have been blessed to travel the country sharing the ups and downs of what they have learned in their relationship with others, while learning just as much as they share. They are involved with MAsT on the local and regional level, as well as Titans of the Midwest and the Hard Pink Sisterhood. They share a great love for a slave girl named reba, and they describe their life together as the filthiest romance never made for tv. They teach on a variety of topics but they enjoy most helping others enhance

slave ravyn Pronouns: her/she

slave ravyn has spent much of the last two decades teaching and guiding others. With her training in Clinical and School Psychology, as well as Applied Behavior Analysis, she has worked with school systems, communities, families, and individuals. she presents and coaches on a variety of topics including relationship building and supporting, effective communication, stress reduction, resilience, finding balance, and brain development. Master IceDog has provided her with the motivation and inspiration she has needed to thrive as an energetic and influential slave, as well as a resource to the community. slave ravyn is the 2017 SouthEast slave, a member of House Aseifa, the Hard Pink Sisterhood, the Tobacco Road Chapter of the Red Dragons Riding Club, MAsT: Raleigh, and is staff for The Leather Heart Foundation. With the encouragement and direction of Master IceDog, slave ravyn has utilized her professional training and experience to empower many on their journeys, and looks forward to continuing to educate and share with others.

slave Sassy Nikki Pronouns: she/her

slave Sassy Nikki began her exploration into BDSM over 14 years ago, is as a slave and Leather woman.
She is a member of the HardPink Sisterhood and is the proud recipient of the 2019 Pantheon of Leather
Award for the Midwest Region. she is the creator and curator of "Surrender & Mastery" online.

THE GODDESS INDIGO & DR. BOB Pronouns: She/Her , He/Him

The Goddess Indigo never thought of herself as a ‘dominant;’ people simply were delighted to do as she requested, such as when she transformed her very first boyfriend into a house-slave decades before discovering the term “BDSM” online. That initial authority-transfer experience, coupled with a voracious appetite for knowledge, launched her spiritual odyssey into Master/slave dynamics.

The Goddess (an international educator with a unique brand of irreverent humor) engages in a wide range of shenanigans. She currently co-directs MAsT Austin; founded the Female-Led Dynamic group (MAsT Austin DOMINA SIG); and chairs Austin’s ‘Authority-Imbalanced Dynamics’ monthly discussion munch. Previously, she was the host of "The Leather Line" radio show (KPFT, FM 90.1-Houston).

The Goddess is Matriarch of the Leather Family Genus Indigo and owns Dr. Bob; her slave and force-multiplier. She humbly appreciates the continued requests to teach about her own personal passion, sustainable female-led dynamics.

XAVIER Pronouns: He/Him

Xavier is on a life-long journey toward Mastery that began 10 years ago and is the proud Master of slave_darby. Together they live a joyful, 24 x 7 authority-based relationship. This journey toward Mastery has brought both challenges and opportunities to be a better person, a more giving member of the community, and a better Master to his slave. Xavier has taught classes at The Gathering, Leather Reign, Wicked in the West, the CSPC and BSPC, and various Master / slave events. He was a judge at the Western Canada Power Exchange (WCPE) Contest. Currently he is Director of MAsT: Everett having previously served as Co-Director and he leads a Leather Family.


It's a one-two dose of pure Florentine bliss!


Alexander Paddles is no stranger to elements of pain and pleasure. Stepping from behind the work bench he will delight us with a demonstration on Florentine Whips.

Have you ever seen someone using two floggers at once in a coordinated fluid motion that lands flashy rhythmic strikes on their target? No? Then you are in for a treat! It is pure magic for both Top and Bottom and as voyeurs, well, we just cant stop watching!

About our Demo Presenter:

Alexander Paddles identifies as a creative, bratty and loving sadist, and has been involved in kink and various alternative lifestyle groups in and around Vancouver for 20 years. He has been making toys since 2012.

He is passionate about sharing his knowledge of impact play techniques, and his experience in power exchange dynamics. He loves giving sensation, as well as conducting evil experiments with various forms of fear play, objectification and humiliation play, but his first love is the energy flow in power exchange and service.


Demo Presentation: Florentine Whips

Join Alexander Paddles on a whimsical foray into tips, techniques and what to do when you have more than one whip!

DaddyBitesHard & lumen-8

Get ready to be transported into the sublime and dynamic!

DaddyBitesHard & his demo rope bottom lumen-8, come together to take our breaths again with a tantalizing demonstration on rope.

You don't want to miss this!

About our Demo Presenters:

DaddyBitesHard is a rigger, instructor and performer from Portland Or. His rope style has been described as a fierce and dynamic semenawa with the underlying sensuality of kinbaku.

"My goal in both is to share my passion for kink with this community and to give back to the kink world some small portion of what I've received." - DaddyBitesHard

Lumen is a Seattle native with a long history of creative arts. Her love of Shibari is evidenced in her expressions and her ability flow into shapes during scene transitions.


Alexander Paddles identifies as a creative, bratty and loving sadist, and has been involved in kink and various alternative lifestyle groups in and around Vancouver for 20 years. He has been making wood and leather toys since 2012.

In addition to keeping busy in the workshop, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge of impact play techniques, and his experience in power exchange dynamics. He loves giving sensation, as well as conducting evil experiments with various forms of fear play, objectification and humiliation play, but his first love is the energy flow in power exchange and service.


Alexander Paddles is home of sexy one of a kind showpieces for your toy bag!

We pride ourselves in original, artistic handcrafted toys, using the finest hardwoods and leather, and designed to deliver a creative blend of whimsical beauty, functionality and form.

No two pieces are ever the same and custom orders are always welcomed.

Meet Alexander Paddles at The Gathering NW 2020 on August 15th, 2020.




Rods By Rane began as an idea. The concept was to build a product that would be affordable, fun to use, and create the desire to own one. While walking through a vendor’s area at a Leather/fetish/BDSM conference, the bright color of a plastic cane caught my attention, and that’s when I knew. Here was an instrument of pain and pleasure, simply constructed, with vibrant colors and that could provide hours of enjoyment. Rods By Rane was born.

Our products sold here are made from quality extruded acrylic. Each rod is carefully inspected at each phase of development. From the moment stock arrives and until they are wrapped and packaged, measures are taken to ensure that the rod remains in a pristine condition. We take pride in our work, and use only the best materials to provide quality products for you, our customers.


We are the premiere manufacturer and distributor of acrylic rods on the West Coast.

We offer a wide selection of beautifully handcrafted acrylic rods for your pleasure and punishment; the choice is yours.

Our rods are available in magnificent colors, sizes, styles and shapes - transparent colors of the 'Ranebow' (ROYGBP); neon colors in green, pink, blue, orange and yellow, and clear. We also carry rods in solid colors of black, white and white frosted. Rod sizes run from the 'sensual touch' 1/16" bundled acrylic brush rods, to the 'Thud Sensation', ready-for-impact-play 1" round rods.

For those who love different shapes, available in 'clear only' style, we have our square rods and the infamous spiral rods, in common sizes from 5/8" to 1".

Whether you choose to give or receive, our acrylic rods will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment.

Put some COLOR in those cheeks!

Meet RodsByRane at The Gathering NW 2020 on August 15th, 2020.

Website: http://rodsbyrane.com

Instagram: RodsByRane

Sweetb Pronouns: she/her

Sweetb (she/her) hails from Chicago where she first ventured out over a decade ago to delve
deep-dish into the kinky world of LRA, GD2, LA&M, and CAP. After moving to the beautiful
PNW and having to put kink on the backburner for a bit, she came back in full swing to explore
this new and wonderfully deviant community, checking out several clubs and events, and calling
the (now closed) BSPC home. She serves as Secretary on the board of Cascade Raingers, a
501c7 group dedicated to providing a social space for Littles, Petplayers, and those who love
them. Her group hosts a (virtual) monthly munch, a weekly story time, and varied community
Sweetb is a switch, ethically non-monogamous, a pupper, a Little, and enjoys play with sadism,
impact, edgeplay, roleplay, headspaces and service. A comedy nerd, she has studied improv
and sees a great deal of overlap with creativity and kink. She is passionate about sharing that
imaginative spark with others and tenants of improv, such as writing your own rules,
collaborating with partners, and going over the top.
Her community philosophy is to honor the pervs of the past who paved the way; provide space
and support to our current kinksters, (especially to our newer or underrepresented folx) and to
promote a future of acceptance, love, communication, hedonism and consent. She is honored to
be part of The Gathering and happy to have the opportunity to offer her educational expertise,
experiences, and enthusiasm to kindred kinksters.
In her free time, she knits one half-decent scarf per year, bakes a hell of a cupcake, attempts to
keep plants alive, and spends quality time with her chosen people.


It's about to get hot in here!

About our Demo Presenter (who's going to let his fire whip do all the talking!):

I like fire! - Twisttied


Meet Twisttied & his fire whip at The Gathering NW 2020 on August 15th, 2020.

Demo Presenter (who's going to let his fire whip do all the talking!)

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Thank you to our members. Your efforts have helped to make The Gathering a great success.