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kikiTHEpuck has been involved in BDSM for over a decade and out publicly for over five years. They currently run Diadem-Events a FemDom production featuring play parties, protocol events and education. Twice a year kiki's Kinky Kloset Productions hosts a summer and winter vendor fair. They also help coordinate events at The Streamhouse on top of being on the board for The Gathering NW & co-director of merchandise for KinkFest.


They are married to their Switch of a husband that they met in the scene. If they aren't hosting an event you can catch them on stage as a burlesque performer and producer. They are a PTA nerdy mom who enjoys wandering Bed, Bath & Beyond for new toys for both in and out of the kitchen wink, wink.

Big Bad John

Big Bad John has been in the kink community for years.

His whip skills are sought after. John has been a part of Seattle Whip Enthusiast Group sharing his knowledge.

John has been very supportive of The Gathering and we are glad that he is returning and holding a whip circle everyday at 1:00 pm.

Whip Circle Hosted by Seattle Whip Enthusiast Group

Matthew and Rose

Matthew and Rose are Blacksmiths, Bladesmiths, Armours, all around Tinkers, and established Craftspeople.  They enjoy sharing the experiences and exploits that they have had with others and are continually seeking
new adventures.

Matthew has a back ground in martial arts having taken aikido and tae kwon do, as well as over 20 years’ experience in western martial arts “sword fighting”.  He is an aficionado in Electrical Play, Impact Play, Whip
Play, and Predicament Play, just to name a few. Rose is and Expert at throwing others under the BUS, and does not discriminate who she throws.  Her manic personality aids in the ability to entice people into situations that they may not normally agree to. Coupled with her sadistic/bully persona “Ms. Super Bully Silly Pants” this
has led to some impromptu on the spot scenes to the pleasure of many.

HammerFell Armory

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