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We are a small leather working business run by Alric and his apprentice atla. We make all of our products by hand, specializing in custom work and original product designs. We’re based in Portland, Oregon, and travel to events around the Northwest and beyond.

We make floggers, paddles, slappers, dragon tongues and dragon tails, restraints, blindfolds and more.

Asylum Leather


BCB Toys

BCB Toys for naughty girls and boys offers a wide variety of things for you to enjoy.

Paddles: BCB toys make’s paddles out of exotic and common woods. Our paddles range from a hairbrush, fraternity, double sided, vibrant sole boot paddles, multi hole, vampire, rubber Diamond plate and a wide variety of others. All hand made, no two are the same.

Canes: We offer delrin canes in three sizes also with wooden handles. Bamboo, Fiberglass, exotic and common wood canes.

Equipment: Saint Andrews crosses, spanking benches, bondage chairs and custom orders.

BCB is twisted and putting “things” on fiberglass rods with both wooden and acrylic handles makes him happy.

“We put crazy shit on sticks!”


HammerFell Armoury is a small metal working shop, Making custom metal work armour, knives, claws and all kinds of stuff.

Hammerfel Armoury 


Orchid and Serpent Stores sells a wide variety of electric toys, male chastity/cbt, collars & restraints, glass dildos, butt plug tails, jewel butt plugs, other BDSM toys.

Orchid and Serpant


They're acrylic, they're man-made, they're (gasp) plastic!

Well, guess what? Plastic is fun!

And once in your hands you will feel the power behind each one, no matter which end of the rod you’re on.

Rods by Rain

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The Longhouse
 Redmond , WA

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