The Gathering

Vendor Options

Please feel free to contact our Vendor Lead


Option 1:  Attend The Gathering, Vend anytime of the day and night. Vending fulfills your volunteer hours:

                          Attend The Gathering as an Attendee


                         RV (if it applies)

                         The Gathering Vendor Permit

We appreciate you Vending at The Gathering and we feel that Vending fulfills your required volunteer hours. As a Vendor attending the event, it is expected that you might choose to attend some workshops and enjoy other things going on at the event.  You may have your booth open any hours that you choose. 


Option 2: Vend  Only


                            Vendor Permit

We appreciate you Vending at The Gathering.

It is expected that your booth would be open when you  are on the property.

You are welcome to  be on the property Aug 5th at 10am to Aug 12th at, starting as early as 10am and leave the venue each day by 8pm.

Hospitality beverages & restrooms are the only  portions of The Gathering available for your use.  Workshops, social fire, and other activities are not accessible to Vend only option.


The Gathering offers education and an environment to build life long relationships. It is a 501(c)7 Non-Profit Washington Corporation. It's goal is to provide a place to realize our inner desires and fulfill new experiences .

Some clarifying rational for these options:

We are trying to accommodate as many options for Vendors as we can so everyone can benefit. 

The primary focus of The Gathering is about the Unity of our Communities. 

The Producers and  Leads are listening to the many different suggestions.

The Producers and the Leads are reaching deep and giving greatly of themselves to have this event be a success.

You have a great opportunity to educate our community, educate about who you are, what your wares are/used for, that you are local and a part of our community.