Full week Deal: Aug 4th to 11th           Weekend Deal: Aug 9th, 10th, 11th, 2 nights

Oct  01 to Oct  31            $100  (for the week, Early Bird Special)

Nov 01 to Dec 31            $120                                                    $90

Jan 01 to Mar 31           $130                                                    $90

Apr 01 to Jun 30           $140                                                    $90

Jul 01 to Jul 31              $150                                                    $90

Aug 01-+                        $160                                                    $100


Day pricing good that day until 10pm (Gate opens at 10am):

     Sun  04 Community Day  $0

     Mon 05,  Tue 06,  Wed  07,  Thu  08,  = $10 per day

    Fri  9,  Sat 10 = $25 per day

    Sun  11  = $15 per day

Over-night camping by the night

(Attendee pays arrival day, that night, and next day ):

Sun 04,  Mon 05,  Tue 06,  Wed  07,  Thu 08  = $5 per night

Fri 9,  Sat 10 night camp = $15 per night


RV permit is $25 (sleeping in a vehicle makes it an RV)


Vending permit is $25


Refund Policy (sorry, no refund of ticket agent processing fees):

Note: You may transfer your ticket and membership to a person of your choice at any time for no charge. 


                             85% from Oct 1st until Nov 30th 2018 

                            75%  from Dec 1st 2018 until June 30th 2019          

                            50%  from July 1st until July 15th 2019            

                            Sorry no refunds after July 15th 2019



We are trying to make it much easier to attend. It is possible to register for any daily and nightly possibilities. If you have questions feel free to email info@TheGatheringNW.org


We have some SPECIAL EVENTS taking place this year.


Opening Sunday(Aug 4th) and Closing Sunday(Aug 11th) ceremonies are open to anyone who would like to attend.

"A little of this, A little of that"   

All are welcome to Attend with no cost. You may arrive at 5 pm. 6 to 7pm is social and orientation.

At  7 to 10pm  join us and try out different interests and see what inspires you. 


Check the schedule as we get the details wrapped up.