The Gathering 


I have registered and paid but do not have directions yet?

Regonline sends a blue link button in your email receipt that you must click for directions. 

It takes about 12 hours. Please send an email to  ASAP. Let them know your situation and they will be able to take care of it. If you do not get any reply please try to contact one of the producers, try sending a message on Fetlife at “TheGathering” group to one of the producers

Can I pay at the gate?

Please get the ticket on-line. If you are having problems with this, please contact one of the event organizers ASAP.


There will be an open community fire pit.

2017 was challenging with Stage 1 burn bans. However our communities pulled together and shared propane BBQ's, bought meals from Food Vendor. 


Can I have my own fire?

You can have a device for cooking, providing it conforms to standards set forth by the fire marshal and the venue. In summary:

  • It must be inspected by staff or security before lighting.

  • You must have a container of water within a few steps reach

  • The device must conform to open-flame laws for the county

  • The area under the device must be cool-to-the-touch at ground level

  • The device is stable and has little risk of tipping over

  • The device is supervised while lit

** Bring a 5 gallon bucket



There will be hot showers. Potable water may be available on site but if not, at Smokey Point rest stop (just North of Smokey Point exit on I5). They have potable water and a dumping station. The truck and trailer entrance, very FIRST left turn.  It would be best to bring a supply of cooking and drinking water.



We had a limited Food Vender that will be selling Food at The Gathering 2019.


Hospitality will have water, hot water, coffee, sugared drink, hot chocolate (in the evenings).


Is there running water?

Although there is a well on the property, you should bring your drinking and cooking water for two reasons:

1. This is a system that has one pump for distributing water and that will only provide enough water for some of the basics, like the shower.

2. In preparation for the event, the well and storage tank were just shocked and the storage tank was cleaned, but chlorine may still be present in the system until enough water has been flushed through it.


Is there trash service?

Although there will be some trash cans available, it is a 'pack it in, pack it out' approach. All trash from the event will be taken to the local transfer station. This costs money and time.

Will there be restrooms?

Yes. We have contracted for portapotties for the event.


Unloading Camp Gear

Campers will be able to drive very near to their camp site to unload and then Park in the parking area. 


CPAP Power

Limited electricity for CPAP machines will be available in specific areas. Bring long, high-quality extension cords and power strips.


Can I take photos at the camp?

There is the approved Camp Photographer.

Photographs may be taken inside your campsite as long as they do not include anyone that did not give permission to be in the photograph. Cell phone cameras must be taped when out of your campsite.


Cameras are not allowed outside your campsite.


Now for the exceptions... we all know people are going to want that special scene in the trees photographed. We have a few individuals that will oversee that photoshoot with a large red camera card to let everyone know the camera or uncovered cell phone they see is ok.

In this way we can all be safe and at the same time people can get the photographs that they want.


Will there be power in the dungeon?

Yes. Power will be strung to the dungeon areas. Not enough to cook a submissive or anything like that... but certainly enough for a violet wand.


Is there areas for campers to get together or only at camp sites?

Yes, we have two designated social areas and a dinning area. Tables are provided. Also there was an area near our Food Vendor that many people utilized.

Will there be food vendors?

We had a great Food Vendor for 2017 on Fri, Sat and didn't make it on Sunday due to bad weather. The snacks were popular, deep fried Oreo's, bagels, tater tots ........ They have agreed to come back for 2018.


Are there RV hookups?

No. This is not a camp ground. It is a ranch. Power is only for Cpap machines. Rv's and trailers need to be totally self contained.


Can I use my solar panels?

By all means yes. Make sure you get a spot in the sun.


Can I use my generator?

The use of generators will be limited to certain hours and will not be allowed during 'quiet time' (after 10pm). If your generator can be heard more than a few feet away, you can expect that your use will be limited to no more than a few hours a day.


What is this 'quiet time' your talking about?

From 10 pm to 9 am, you will need to keep the noise to a level that would not disturb the neighbors. As a new venue, we would like to be good neighbors.


Can we do cigars and alcohol around the community fire pit?

No. Feedback from previous events has shown that this is problematic. (I believe 'It was a disaster.' is a quote) Alcohol at your camp site is ok, but not to the point of inebriation. Smoking/Vaping will be limited to designated smoking area.

There is a "Pipe and Cigar Lounge" where you may also have Alcohol. Please remember not to wander with any Alcohol through the camp. It must be covered to and from the lounge. No wandering drinking.


Is there space for campers, trailers, RVs?

Yes. Check with the Producers if you have special concerns. As the ground can be unlevel in areas, you should make sure you bring enough equipment to level your vehicle. In addition, the locations for parking have been laid out so be sure to follow the information given to you at registration. This is important for conforming with fire codes set by the fire marshal.


Are there events, workshops, discussions, etc?

Yes. Check out the Schedule at Http://, or watch the information as it gets posted on “TheGathering” group on Fetlife and Facebook.


Is this an 'all ages event'?

No. This is an adult event. Although the venue hosts 'friends and family' events which are non-kinky and kid friendly, this is not one of them. That said, there will be Littles, Middles and Tweens attending, and there are planned activities for them.


Can Single Individuals Attend?

The Gathering is open to all individuals, couples, and more at the same price per person across the board.


How long does it take to set up an event like this?

There are two ways to look at that: Calendar days and hours of labor.

The planning for this event began during the 2018 event and continues all year.

The number of hours of labor spent preparing for this event is well over two thousand if you consider all the time everyone has spent helping get the venue in shape for the event. There are tons of details that have to be worked out, like permits with the county, emergency planning, space planning, set-up, tear-down, etc. Although it will only be going for seven days, a lot of people have been working very hard make this happen.

We hope you enjoy it and respect the work all of the people have done to make this event possible.


What do you mean by creating your own experience?

In 2017 we had an attendee that wanted a gaming area. They requested to have an area. They set up what they wanted, Posted a schedule of what game would be played. It became and immediate success. We so appreciate hearing what it is you would like to see happen at The Gathering and will do our best to assist you to make that happen. Email us with your request and plan to



What is this meteor shower that was mentioned?

During The Gathering you  will be able to view the Persieds Meteor Shower Aug 9-14 2018. The peak is on Aug 12th 2018.

This is one of the better known meteor showers and during peak years, this can be quite spectacular. 

If the weather is right and the moon is not too bright, we could be in for a great fireworks show in the sky.


I heard there may be a real pony cart to use?

The pony cart is being donated for members use during our 2019 Event. The pony cart was an intrigual part of a scene this year. Each year the This cart was actually used for ponies but is really nicely balanced with a person sitting on it and can easily be pulled. The cart was used at The Gathering 2017. In 2017 a beautiful pony pulled the freshly painted pony cart around the event prancing to everyones delight. This year there was a beautiful girl dangling from the back of the cart with interesting knots learned during a rope workshop.



Thank you for your questions and look forward to seeing you at The Gathering. 

If you have any further questions we encourage you to