The Gathering 2020

Workshop Descriptions

Workshop/Presentation: s-type Round-table discussion

slave Sassy Nikki

slave ravyn

slave lyon


Our goal is to bring together folks from all areas of our community to give talks and hold spaces that are idea - focused and on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder, provoking conversations that matter to s-types specifically.



Workshop/Presentation: Dark Ageplay Q&A Panel

Bri Burning


Sassie Sofia


Are you curious about what Dark Ageplay is? How do people engage in this type of play/dynamic? Join us for this Q&A Panel to learn and share different experiences with this multi layered topic. Our stories are so important and can shine light on these topics from lived in experiences. Let’s dive into the wonders of dark ageplay together!




This round-table discussion will provide an opportunity for experienced D-types (whether you use terms like Dominant, Top, Master, Owner or other identifier regardless of gender or orientation) an opportunity to discuss challenges you face and for those exploring their Dominant side to ask questions. We'll start with a quick round of introductions and generate some topics we can discuss. This is all about seeking and sharing knowledge!


Workshop/Presentation: Anxiety: Ah, It’s Nothing or Is It?

Master Kaddan

This presentation will cover anxiety and the six major disorders associated with it. We will first start with general overview of anxiety and the symptoms it causes. Then we will address each of the six types of major disorders. Finally we would break each disorder down into causes, emotional symptoms, physical symptoms, and then give the outlook for people who live with that type of disorder. We will give a little time after each section for questions that the audience may have.


Workshop/Presentation: Anxiety: Old Guard Protocols and Why You Don’t Need Them!

Hardy Haberman


Sacred cows make the best burgers. A frank and honest discussion of what is being called “old Guard” protocols and the myths and reality surrounding them. Provocative and entertaining, this interactive program brings years of experience and a grasp of the true history of Gay Leather Culture into focus.


Workshop I: BDSM Relationships When You're ENM (Ethically Non Monogamous)

Lady Steele

Sailing the waters of relationships can be difficult on a good day, but when you add into your dynamic the potential pitfalls of B/SM, power exchange dynamics with multiple partners among other things, the waters can get downright treacherous. Join Lady Steele as she helps guide you through potential issues. Her discussion will include tools for effective communication, tools to facilitate conflict resolution, and a tried and true way to take inventory of yourself and your relationship(s).


Workshop II: No Collar? No Problem!

Lady Steele

What happens when a slave has no owner? Many have speculated that you cannot be a slave without being owned. Is this true? Join Lady Steele as she shares her very personal journey as an unowned slave and shows how she educated and enriched herself so that she was ready for her next power exchange relationship. She will cover how to stay engaged as a slave with the community, with yourself, and how to play with others safely as a slave without a collar.


Workshop/Presentation: Realistic Rules, Rituals, and Protocols




What is a rule? What is a ritual? What is a Protocol? How can all three be integrated into your personal authority-based dynamic? Are they realistic and sustainable, or will they become dull due to boredom and mindless repetitiveness? Learn how to create realistic rules, rituals, and protocols that support your authority-based dynamic, create and renew connection, and are sustainable over time.


Workshop/Presentation: Finding My Rhythm: From 50 Shades to Leatherwoman

Isabella Cross

How many times have you been asked this question?

How did you begin your journey into BDSM?

The first time I answered that question heads turned, eyes rolled and soft giggles were heard.

It was around 2015 when the Fifty Shades craze was all a blaze. A secluded, tired and lost Isabella went looking for something and finally found her true path. After much reading and even more searching, she found the CSPC and not shortly after, her people. It took her three tries to get passed the door, but once she did, she never looked back.

This workshop is for those beginning their journey. It doesn't matter where you come from or how you got here, what matter is, you are here now!

Get ready to have an honest open conversation about all our different beginnings and why they are in fact more than enough!

From Fifty Shades to Leatherwoman and every step (or misstep) in between, I am, You are, welcomed here!




This workshop looks at redefining our relationship with jealousy. Jealousy can be a difficult emotion to cope with and navigate. During this session we will share techniques for processing difficult emotions and learn how to treat ourselves with kindness - even the difficult parts.

Workshop/Presentation: ALL THINGS PRIMAL


Primal Play is still fairly new within the Leather and Kink community. Is it a life choice? A fetish? A reality? What is Primal? What does being Primal mean? Your partner is Primal and you don’t know why they want to bite and claw into you? Come out and learn about different types of Primals. Learn about Primal touching, Primal Play, and the connections between pets and furries. Even if you don’t identity as Primal, we invite you to take a walk on the wild side!

Workshop/Presentation: BE YOUR OWN DADDY!



Being a solo s-type comes with a myriad of challenges, questions and moments. Oh... the moments! How does the solo s-type face those challenges and continue to grow, moving forward in their journey. Without the guiding hand of a D-type. Dealing with all the stuff isn't easy. And, sometimes? You have to be your own Daddy!

Workshop/Presentation I: SELF AWARENESS IN BDSM



No matter which side of the slash you fall on... what we do requires self awareness. Let's take a look at a journey to self awareness and what it takes. We will discuss our personalities, how we love, how we fight and even how we can work together. Sometimes looking in the mirror is rough but we will make this journey as accessible and comfortable as possible.

Workshop/Presentation II: ABOVE ALL… I AM A WARRIOR



A harrowing story of one person’s rise through adversity. Devyn Stone, in his most vulnerable moment, opens his lived experiences to inspire you, to teach you, and to caution you. Listen with gentle ears as he shows you something that few get to see. In his words, “...this is not a class, it’s not a workshop, it is something different.” Devyn uses his background in public speaking and his work with RAINN to bring the kink scene something truly unique.

He will discuss his mental health diagnoses, physical disabilities, C-PTSD, TBI, and even his eating disorder. Join him to learn what it was like to journey though abuse, poverty, identity crisis, and more. How does one pass victim, pass survivor, and become a WARRIOR?




We speak about wanting and needing transparency in our slave in order to succeed in our dynamic. We feel driven to be omnipotent, omniscient, and all-powerful. The idea of making mistakes, being flawed, imperfect in any way is anathema. We speak of slaves being brave enough to open themselves to our scrutiny, to show us their “ugly parts.”

How can we truly have an authority-transfer environment where they entrust all of themselves to us when we never really show them who we are? How long can we pretend to be “perfect?” Becoming a fully-faceted self-actualized individual requires having integrity. Integrity is defined as “knowing and accepting one’s self.” To the extent we hide who we are, we cripple our own capacity to become wholly immersed in our dynamic. “Acceptance” is a two-way street. And, it begins by having the courage to be seen.


KikiTHEpucks discusses what it is like to be non-binary in a very femme presenting body.


·         Terminology and definitions

·         Androgynous vs Non-binary

·         Schrödinger's Gay? What does that mean anyway?

·         My journey


Meet slave ann at the closing ceremony of The Gathering NW 2020 on August 15th, 2020.

Workshop: LMT and Furries Fun Time!

Please feel welcome to join Cascade Rainger’s very own Sweetb & Avalon as we host an open
social for age players, pet players, caretakers, and friends!
Come gather with us in whatever way is comfortable for you! Please feel free to share what
you’ve learned from your workshops, show off your toys n' stuffies and of course your beautiful
selves! We will have some fun surprises, so be sure not to miss out!