2019 Volunteer Opportunities

We are a 501(c)7 nonprofit organization dedicated to education, organizing events, supporting our diverse communities, and providing opportunities for life long social connections. Last year was a successful year that we are looking to catapult from. Those of us who have been with The Gathering for some time have found these activities to be some of the most rewarding we have ever experienced. We are confident that you, too, will enjoy this affiliation. We hope you will join us in our efforts and enjoy our friendship.

By attending this event we agree that in order to hold costs down and have the event run as smoothly as possible, it is necessary for all attendees to put in a few hours of service during the course of the week.The tasks are usually very simple as listed below, you can fill in the area you would wish to volunteer when registering.

If someone registers you it is still the responsibility of each attendee to know and follow agreements.

Volunteering Before the Event

~Other Specific Area's for 2019

   (Something you want to see happening at The Gathering)

  •    Coordinate with the Workshop Lead.

  •    Arrange the Specific area as needed.

  •    Explain volunteers needed for specific area to volunteer coordinator.


~Stewardship at The Venue during May, June, July 2019

Before the event begins there are many tasks that need to be done.

Please sign up and join us. We have a lot of fun and get to see the amazing transformation that has been taking place.

~Set up July 31st, Aug 1st & 2nd 2019

Before the event begins we have a lot of equipment that needs to be set up.

During the Event

This is a fundraising event. We need everyone to volunteer for a few hours through out the event.

The tasks are usually very simple:

     ~ Membership Specialists (register members,  provide attendees with information needed to be successful at The Gathering)

     ~ Fire Spirit Keeper (start fire, tend fire, manage environment while there, put out fire)

     ~ Hospitality Host (Ensure there is hot coffee, water and juice)

     ~ Safety Advisers (Monitor safety during the Event)

     ~ Town Crier (Make camp announcements as needed before workshop)

     ~ Workshop Facilitators (See to Presenter needs)

    ~  Entertainment Crew (Help with setup, clear stage, move props, clean up after performance)

     ~ Sanitation Engineer (check garbage's, port-a-potties)

    ~  Movie Projectionist (Start scheduled movies, pop corn, close down projector)

     ~ LMT Minions (Assist with scheduled events in the LMT Area)

    ~ Tent Minions (Help set up and take down tents for attendees that can not set up their tent)

     ~ Random Volunteering (Offer to Volunteer as a need arises)    

Post Event

~Tear Down Aug 12th, 13th, 2019

Now we need to clean up and get ready for the next Event.

Please email info@TheGatheringNW.org and share your expertise and interests.